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Vietnam overview

5 Things about Saigon street life you may like

A Complete Guide To Online Sports Betting In Vietnam ?Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is one of the most attractive destinations for visitor travel in Vietnam. You'll never truly know the beauty of Saigon street life unless you experience these things:  1. Hospitable people It will be a big mistake if we forget about the people in Saigon when mentioning about Saigon street life. They are always sociable and happy and do not distinguish the domain like others. Most of them are very friendly with all of the tourists so if you are a remote person living in Saigon, you will easily integrate with the people here because they always welcome you naturally and enthusiastically.  2. Funny sign Arrive in Saigon, you will find the signs are very funny like "Hospital X is the yellow building with the baby picture, everyone looks at the arrow will see it" or " To find Y street, you go straight 5 meters then turn right and then look left hand. The small one is it. I'm tired of you guys keep asking me!" It has become an acute and witty feature of Saigon that once met is never forgotten.  3. Saigon peopleare very kind Saigoners enthusiastically help others, including those who do not know. Have you ever driven a car in the street and see someone chasing just to remind you to strike off you kickstand? You can’t even say thank you as he is gone as it's Saigon people style. They help others but do not ask for a thank you or reward, so don’t be afraid to ask people around not only the intersection, street corner, they can also take you if they can.  4. For Saigon people, every day is holidays To Saigoners, the evening is the time to relax although Saigon is busy and bustling not matter day or night. As in other cities, 10h at night is time to turn off the lights and go to bed but in Saigon, whenever you go outside the city is still crowded, especially when the sun goes down. There are famous roads such as Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao in District 1at which foreign tourists, domestic and indigenous people can gather to play throughout the night. The bars, pubs, brasseries, curbs or cafes beautifully decorated with affordable prices satisfy the needs of the chatting and taking pictures of young people. In addition, Saigon has many night-time restaurants, 24-hour shops can serve travelers at any time with all items, food, medications, etc.  5. Saigon is the convergence of culinary elites of all regions From traditional dishes like Pho, Hue beef noodle, Quang style noodle, etc. to the snacks such as rice paper salad, pannacotta lychee sweat soup, nem sour fried, lemon tea, etc. all are here. So, just ask a savvy Saigon, you can enjoy the excellent food without having to go around the country. Moreover, Saigon does not have its own specialties, but people know how to create unique foods from the most common. Everyone may know Hanoi lemon tea, but when we go to Saigon, we have to try the shisha lemon tea. Milk coffee is once a drink, but the ice cream coffee with flan is only in Saigon. For the Saigon people, creativity is infinite. However, remember checking your Vietnam visa to be able to explore this country. There is some country available for Vietnam visa exemption which can be checked at?http://www.msi-belgium.com/ACompleteGuideToOnlineSportsBettingInVietnam/vietnam-visa-exemption/. If not, please consider to obtain Vietnam visa via Vietnam embassy, Vietnam e-visa and Vietnam visa on arrival but the latest one is the most popular thanks to its conveniences and simplicity. The above things just are some interesting things about Saigon, a modern, metropolis city in Vietnam. If you are a nightlife lover or just want to enjoy a dynamic lifestyle, it’s better to take a trip to this charming city.   

Vietnam overview

Vietnam overview MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Official name: The Socialist Republic of Vietnam Capital: Hanoi Population: 87 million people (2011) Total Area: 331.212 square... Read more >>

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